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✔️ Award-Winning Traditional Recipe
✔️ Freshly Baked Daily with only the Finest Ingredients
✔️ Voted Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore
✔️ 100% Homemade & Handmade
✔️ No Preservatives
✔️ Free Islandwide Delivery above $88
We love the tarts because they melt in your mouth and has the right amount of sweetness! - Summer (@ahappymum)
While all flavours are irresistible my favourite is #kuehbangkit. And beware, these cookies are addictive too! - Amila (@leisureandme)
Our favourites also include the likes of Salted Egg Crab Stick Cracker and Mango Pineapple Tart which are addictive treats to snack on! - Ken (@kenpgl)
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Retaining old school taste and texture! 🍍👍 - Andy (@sengkangbabies)
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You can't go wrong shopping for pineapple tarts from @pineappletartsg! - Dawn (@themmoffour)
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The buttery softness of the melt-in-your-mouth pastry combining with the sweet goodness of pineapple jam is such a treat! - Vera (@mummybean)
You should not miss this, award winning Pineapple balls from @pineappletartsg, within 2 days the whole tub was wiped out! - Serene Seah (@xavvylicious)
There are many bakeries out there but I can attest this is #freshfromtheoven and homemade just like the ones my mum used to bake for me growing up! - Jaime (@mypreciouzkids)
The Mala seasoning offers a tinge of spiciness while adding a prosperous red coating to the snacks. - Gwendolyn (@00_foodielicious)

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5 decades of experience has resulted in such consistency of their Handmade Melt in Your Mouth Pineapple Tarts and other various CNY Goodies. The best part? They provide free delivery! “

How to know that you're not getting the FAKES?

With every Tom, Dick, and Harry coming in the market, how to know that you are getting the REAL deal and not self proclaimed "hand-made" goodies?
Mass-produced to fill up shelves at mass retailersProduced in small batches that sell out fast, in order to ensure quality in every jar!
Longer shelf-life due to added preservativesUp to a maximum of 2 months shelf-life as goodies are baked daily with zero preservatives
Artificial flavouring/paste from r*dm*nNo artificial flavouring used as our products are packed with natural flavour, using PURE pineapple jam!
Mass-imported ingredients to maximise profitsFresh ingredients that are hand-picked and made from scratch


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