Our Origin

We swear by our pastries!


Premium Ingredients or full refund!

Our customers deserve only the best and for that, we pride ourselves in using only premium ingredients and zero preservatives!

Our pineapple paste does not include any artificial sweeteners or flavourings. The paste is homemade from scratch using the sweetest pineapple from Brazil. Each and every pineapple is quality checked before preparation to ensure a certain level of sweetness.

We have the expertise to bring out the distinct flavour of every ingredients through our special blend!

Only the BEST recipe

PineappleTart’s AWARD-WINNING recipes are specially designed to create wonders and melt in your mouth. We have retained the TRADITIONAL Nyonya flavours while on a constant lookout for new trendy flavours. Our most recent fusion creations are the Mala Popiah Crackers and Cheese Pineapple Tarts!

We are strongly against factory-made goodies 

We are passionate about producing quality and retaining the tradition in every bite and hence, every batch of our snacks is lovingly made by hand. We make sure that only the finest ingredients and tools of the trade go into our well-preserved craft of traditional Nyonya-style baking. Decades of expertise and research has gone into refining our baking process.